About Us

«Petrodiet LLC»  - more than 20 years of experience in produchion of sugar free confectionary and snacks. Our modern production and warehousing facilities are working with HACCP system to provide best quality for our customers. 
 Soon we are coming with new products:

- bio natural products without added sugar;
- snacks and food supplements for energy and power performance improvement for athletes and active people;
- low calorie products for weight management solution;
- range of items suitable for the people having diabetic disease.

4 Brands for people of diffent age and way of life!


«Zdorovie sladosti» (Healthy sweets)

Classical sugar free confectionary. Range of the products: cookies, sweets, wafers, gingerbreads, jams, marmalade, syrups, fruit jelly, chocolate, bars, candies, and etc. Today of the "Zdorovie sladosti" is an authoritative brand in the market jf healthy food in Russia. Lack of fats, sugar free and low caloric content makes it optimal for sweet- tooths,who want to enjoy tasty things without harm to their health.

«Balans dolgoletiya» (Balance of longevity)

Healthy aging nutrition. Products enriched with a vitamin and mineral complex are created for people interested to compensate the lack of vitamins in the body according to age- related changer. Nutritional guard for your: heart health, immunity, brain health, alimentary tract, bone health, metabolism, joint health, nervous and cardiovascular systems, vision, muscular system

"Jivie frukty" (Live fruits)

Snacks from natural raw materials, made of nuts, dried, berries of fruits with wide range of vitamins and minerals! Low calories recipes make an ideal replacement solution. "On the go" format of the package gives an ideal portion for using it everywhere.

«Balans kalorii» (Balance of calories)

Weight management- complex approach to a healthy lifestyle. Tasty solution for the diet! Form your ideal shape. High content of cereals and food fibers, the lowered fat and no added sugar are main ideas of this brand. Hunger satisfaction, power for better performance, force restore, control of consumed calories, weight control.